Snake Bite Standard Series Hoodie

$ 59 

  • Logo sweatshirt hoodie in black
  • Snake Bite hoodie (flag detail)
  • Snake Bite hoodie (front)
  • Snake Bite hoodie (back)
  • Logo patch detail

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There's an old Irish-American blessing that says, "May Your Beers Be Cold and Your Body Be Warm." 

While this may or may not actually be an accurate saying, you will be making a historical statement with our new classic: The Snake Bite Standard Series Hoodie. Our hooded sweatshirt features the Standard Series patch over your heart and a subtle reversed-flag* on the shoulder to show that you're always moving forward. Finally, we placed the Snake Bite Emblem on the back in a muted-white print.

Our hoodies are American Apparel California Fleece – 100% made and printed US. Hoodie sizing from Small to XL and run true to size.

Free shipping in the USA.

*When the flag is worn on the right sleeve, it is considered proper to reverse the design so that the union is at the observer's right to suggest that the flag is flying in the breeze as the wearer moves forward.