Gritty Copper Snake Hook – Powder Coated Key Loop Pocket Clip

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  • Gritty Copper Snake Hook - Main
  • Gritty Copper Snake Hook - Pocket
  • Gritty Copper Snake Hook - Facing

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The Gritty Copper Snake Hook is a solid brass, powder coated key chain with a fine grit applied to give it a nice tactile feel and grip in comparison to the other Snake Hooks. It's also known as a pelican hook, key loop, or belt hook. This limited edition version is – as always –100% USA Made – cast, tumbled and hand polished for a perfect finish. We then powder coat it in a durable copper grit finish that is extremely durable and will last for years to come.

Pair it with any Original or Anniversary Edition Snake Bite for yourself, or as a gift. Free shipping in the USA.

100% Made USA
100% Sourced USA