Leather Sheath for The Mamba Bar Tool

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*Mamba Bar Tool shown for reference - sold separately

Designed specifically to hold the Mamba (sold separately), the sheath represents our dedication to hand-crafted leather work and timeless fashion. Incorporating military-grade, gun holster rivets with hand-stitched sides and dual-functionality for wearing thru belt loops or clipped to the belt/pocket with a black oxide steel clip – we've built a seamless design to work with whatever you're wearing.

Lastly, we designed a unique vent at the tip of the sheath to allow for air flow and easy cleaning if needed. In many ways, the design and manufacturing process of the sheath equals that of the Mamba itself. The Mamba sheath comes packaged with care instructions and a gift envelope.

Additional Details:

Black Oxide Steel Belt Clips - Made in the USA
6oz Vegetable Tanned Domestic Black or Brown Leather - Made in the USA
Military Grade Holster Rivets - Made in the USA
Handmade in St. Louis, MO

*Mamba Bar Tool shown for reference - sold separately