The Mamba: Bartending Tool and Bottle Opener

$ 45 

  • Mamba Bartender Tool - Top & Bottom View
  • The Mamba: Bartending Tool and Bottle Opener
  • The Mamba: Bartending Tool and Bottle Opener
  • The Mamba: Bartending Tool and Bottle Opener
  • The Mamba: Bartending Tool and Bottle Opener
  • The Mamba: Bartending Tool and Bottle Opener

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The patented Mamba by Snake Bite Co. is the next evolution in the Snake Bite family. This professional bottle opener and bar tool is a solid construction of ceramic tumbled, 304 stainless steel. It embodies a unique design that incorporates four functionalities guaranteed to improve your game: 

Can Tab Opener:
Opening a can isn't thought of as being all that difficult – but if you are opening dozens a night – it can easily take a toll on your hands and fingernails. We developed the can tab lever to quickly pry up stubborn can tabs on every type of can. Even if you are only opening a few, you'll quickly realize that it's an incredibly useful action.

Can Venting:
Can venting (or Snake Biting) is a tried and true way to let air into your container while beer is making it's way out. This results in a smoother and faster pour while eliminating a significant amount of air that is typically ingested while drinking directly from a can.

Bottle Opener:
The Mamba speed bottle opener function looks straight forward on the surface but has been designed as a four-way opener. This means that regardless of which way you're holding the tool it will work and open any pry-off or twist off bottle cap – making it one of the fastest and easiest to use openers on the market. Caps traditionally create a significant amount of wear on cheap nickel-plated openers that end up rusting over time. The Mamba is 100% solid 304 stainless steel and will last a lifetime.

Pour Spout Remover:
Pour spouts are a great way to make a fast and accurate drink but can be a pain to remove once the bottle is empty. Some bottles (and all liquids with sugar content) develop a hard to remove seal that can slow down service and distract you from making your next drink. The Mamba's pour spout remover uses lever action to easily remove the most stubborn pour spouts without damaging the bottle or spout. Try it once and you'll never go back.

Gift Packaging:
If you're considering the Mamba as a gift for someone else – we've got you covered. The Mamba will arrive in a black foil-stamped kraft box with securing bands & instruction card that, without a doubt, will make one helluva statement. 

As always, the Mamba and all of it's packaging is 100% sourced and proudly made in the USA.